Carved Door Panels

Oct 26 , 2020

Carved Door Panels

Nish Singh


India is a country with rich history, culture and heritage. The oldest and finest sculptures of the Indian sub-continent are found in stone, clay, ivory, wood, copper and gold. From the Indus valley civilization to the numerous rulers who ruled India, sculptures of those times depict a story of their own.

Looking for ancient carvings, wall panels with amazing floral motifs, celestial figurines, animal and birds and temple wheel carvings, our carved panels bring in the old world elements. If you want to give a holistic rustic decor to your house, traditional old world designs can be a best choice. Indian antique doors come with textured woods in warm patinas and give an earthy warmth and boho style to your home.

Many Indian homes have historic architecture taking inspiration from beautiful palaces and monuments. Rejoice in the old traditions with vintage arches and doorways with brass accents. Mesmerizing ornate carved wood doors against a backdrop of white walls truly gives the antique Indian sculpture an unique statement appeal. 

Enhance Grace of a Room

Carved door panels are truly an absolute art piece which also balances the chi of your home decor. Such items are very unique in appearance but hold style elements that pull together the real character of the window and walls.  Soft edged furniture can help you balance the overall texture of an area.


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