Vintage Old Door Tables

Oct 26 , 2020

Vintage Old Door Tables

Nish Singh


Reclaimed wood coffee table is a great option if you desire to furnish your home with eco friendly and wellness furnishings. Reclaimed wood used in the coffee tables are recovered from the old doors, and adds charms to your decorating style.

  • Durability-Older wood ensures the toughness of the table as it already gone through contraction and expansion by exposure to the natural elements.
  • One of a Kind- Each reclaimed wood coffee table is 100% exclusive and is one of a kind with a history and an original story.
  • Unique- The unique selection of reclaimed wood coffee table, made with simple design and vintage wood, will add character to your living room, den or family room.

You are not only beautifying your home but are also being a responsible consumer, by using reclaimed wood coffee tables and it also reduces the waste thrown away. These tables are environmentally-friendly and shows the weathered vintage characteristics 

There are many options to make your home a vintage paradise with antique Indian furniture that includes reclaimed wood coffee table, antique armories and cabinet wardrobes, vintage bookcases, sideboards and consoles, sculptures, antique doors and many more. All the furniture is uniquely handcrafted and is salvaged from architectural designed havelis and old castles.


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