Indo British Colonial Furniture

British Colonial Style and Decor came about in the late 19th century. The merging of British, Asian,  and Indian themes brought about British Colonial Style and Decor. Natural flora and fauna were enjoyed in indoor and outdoor furnitures, many including the banana plants and leafy green foliage. Frequently the furniture found in British Colonial rooms is traditionally British in style, but embellished with Indian design. Light colored walls with free flowing light weight sheer curtains or cotton voiles gives an elegant touch to the decor.

The accessories used are from local Indian artisans. For example, the addition of wall tapestries and ornately woven artisan cushion covers with elephant and peacock motifs are typical of the Anglo-Indian style. Botanical prints, hand block paisleys, monochromatic ikats and colorful animal prints in lighter weight cottons gave bed linens a new twist.